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Tucks Flooring Inspection Service
Servicing South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and Eastern Tn
Your Only SouthEast License Certified Floor Inspector!

Certified Floor Inspector 
Expert Witness 
National Wood Flooring Certification Earned November 11, 2005
Legal Floor Inspection Reports Floor Inspectors
Tucks Floor Inspection Service is your only License Certified Floor Inspector in the SouthEast
Certified Laminate Flooring Inspections
  • Certified Laminate Inspector
 Certified Hardwood Floor Inspections
  • Certified Hardwood Floor Inspector
Certified Ceramic Tile Inspections
  • Certified Tile Floor Inspector
Certified Carpet Inspections
  • Certified Carpet Inspector 
Certified Woven Carpet Inspections
  • Certified Woven Carpet Inspector
Certified Cork Inspections
  • Certified Cork Floor Inspector
Certified Speciality Flooring Inspections
  • Certified Speciality Floor Inspector

Tucks Floor Inspection Service, (Mr.) Selva “Lee” Tucker, is an independent flooring inspection service. I have no contractual obligation to anyone but my commissioning agent. My only obligation is to find the truth and cause of your flooring issues so that you can make a determination as to the best actions for your benefit. My income is solely from doing Independent Flooring Inspections. As such, my reputation for complete independent, impartial inspections and reports must be honesty, truthfulness and un-bias.

Selva “Lee” Tucker

 Tucks Floor Inspection Service 

864 238 5507

Floor Inspectors

Founder: The Floor Inspectors Educational Guild
The Floor Educational Guild was founded in 2009. Our first class was the North Carolina State University Hodges Laboratory, Wood Extension Department. 
Since then, we have had seminars and speciality classes that are attended by inspectors from all states and Canada. 
The odds are, if you are looking for an inspector, they have attended one of the classes I developed and arranged. Our classes have been attended from Denver to St. Louis to New Orleans to Charleston, SC. 
Our university classes have been at NCSU and Virginia Tech University. Our seminars are usually held in Dalton, GA. 

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Tucks Inspects Flooring for the following Complaints
  • Cupping, Gaps, Gaping, Crowning, Moisture Issues, Moisture Barriers and Retarders, Buckling, Wearing, Loss of Gloss or Loss of Color, Sand/Finish Problems or Complaints, Insects/Insect Damage, Acclimation Complaints or Issues, Installation Problems or Errors.

Ceramic Stone and Marble Tiles
  • Cracked Tiles, grout coming out, Deflection, Subfloor, Concrete, Discolored Grout, Stained Marble, Stained Stone Tiles,

Carpet Problems or Complaints
  • Seams Falling Apart, Seams Raveling, Soils Easily, Rapid Soiling, Stains, Wearing, Loss of Color, Carpet Fading, Carpet Wrinkles, Carpet Buckles, Carpet Buckling, Carpet Delamination, Questionable Reports?

Vinyl & VCT Complaints
  • Vinyl Delamination, Vinyl Seams Gaps, Vinyl Seams Gaping, Vinyl Losing Color, Vinyl Loss of Color Vinyl Wearing, Vinyl Cuts, Vinyl Gouges, Vinyl Telegraphing Subfloor Concrete, VCT Chipping

Laminate Complaints
  • Laminate Cupping, Laminate Swollen Seams, Laminate Swollen Joints, Laminate Delamination, Laminate Acclimation, Questionable Reports? Laminate Edge Curling, Laminate Indenting, Laminate indents, Laminate Chipping, Laminate Wearing, Laminate Traffic Lanes, Laminate Finish Wear Layer Complaints, Laminate Loss of Gloss
Service area: South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and Eastern Tn.

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